MK+R was brought in as agency of record to help the regional brand retain its position as Minnesota’s number one selling beer. We developed a creative platform that was broad enough to engage younger and older drinkers alike. At its heart was a recognition that, as the category leader, Michelob Golden Light was woven into the fabric of the Minnesota Lifestyle. And that whenever you’ve got an ice cold one in your hand, You’re Golden.


Celebrate Your Lake

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes (technically, 11,842) and Lake Culture is a central part of leisure time activity. Michelob Golden Light demonstrated its affinity for this lifestyle with an integrated promotion that awarded one winning lake a $50,000 cash grant to help preserve and beautify it.

You’re Golden

TV celebrates the active social lifestyle of Minnesotans, and highlights Michelob Golden Light as a catalyst for good times.


Hitting a moving target

Online and mobile banners were served alongside relevant content, reinforcing the brand’s connection to the Minnesota Lifestyle.


Acting like a leader.

Michelob Golden Light isn’t the biggest beer in the A-B portfolio. But it is the biggest beer in Minnesota. MK+R’s media strategy subtly communicated that leadership position by making high-visibility, high-impact media choices.


Raising the bar.

The battle for market share in the beer category is often won or lost on-premise. Here, the beer you hold in your hand is more than refreshment: it’s a badge. We used a number of bar-themed tactics to keep Michelob Golden Light top of mind, and to reinforce the brand’s core message.