After an intensive process lasting more than a decade, Waukesha, WI has the historic opportunity to create a long-term, sustainable, safe water supply system by drawing water from Lake Michigan and returning an equal amount to the Great Lakes Basin.

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This historic project needed an identity, so MK+R developed a new brand for the program — the Great Water Alliance (GWA).

Great Water Alliance - Brand
Great Water Alliance - Website


The complexity of the Great Water Alliance requires a website that reflects the lofty goals of the project while being the go-to information source for all questions and content related to the program.


GWA’s communication pieces involve tailoring to different audiences, addressing specific concerns and needs, writing for a varying knowledge base, and conveying important messages in a consistent, comprehensible manner.

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Great Water Alliance - Two-Way Communication


MK+R’s intention is to raise and maintain awareness among all audiences, to inspire new audiences to join in, and to be responsive to all inquiries as they arise.


Average of 352 new users per month to the GWA website
79,100 reach and 3.26% engagement rate on Facebook
Newsletter open rate of 41%