The Frenzy Multiplier Scratch-off family saw early and sustained success with the launch of the “Release the Frenzy” creative campaign. The campaign created infectious excitement during the gray days of February with bursts of color, an upbeat theme, and multiple ways to win. Overall, the Frenzy Multiplier Family reached unprecedented record sales, outperforming our sales goal by 11%.


We brought the Frenzy to life partnering with some heavy hitters for post-production special effects. Videos set up the scene during a cold, Hoosier winter as gamers Released the Frenzy.



For Hoosiers, commutes during winter months are dreary and overcast. So we designed the Frenzy campaign to stand out from this bland environment with bright, vibrant colors. Billboards increased awareness of the game and encouraged commuters to play.



Digital advertisements— like page tears, website banners, and social media inserts— targeted consumers based on their online behavior. These varied promotions spread understanding on multiple ways to win and encouraged consumers to learn more by visiting the Hoosier Lottery website.

Shopper – Coffee Mat

Shopper marketing promotions, like the Frenzy coffee mat, engaged consumers purchasing a warm beverage during the cold winter months. Headlines that tied into the jolt of gaming, encouraged coffee lovers to Release the Frenzy.