To illustrate what $1000 a day can do, MK+R developed the idea of an Inner Winner – that part of a person with the confidence to turn even the most far-fetched dreams into reality. And then we asked ourselves the question, what could somebody do with all the confidence in the world?


There are dreams we all share. And dreams so perfectly individual that they couldn’t belong to anyone else. The TV spot we created for Cash 4 Life introduced Stan, an office worker who imagines how far he’d take his dreams if he could let out his own Inner Winner.”



Strategic media buys put our “Inner Winner” tagline precisely in front of our target audience in a way that was eye-catching and provided just the right support for the larger campaign.



Our digital team leveraged the idea of releasing an “Inner Winner” to create awareness in our online audience, and drive traffic to the Cash 4 Life online 2nd Chance entry form. We also fostered interaction with a quiz that asked users to visualize their own, personal “Inner Winner.”


Our in-store pieces did a lot of the educational heavy lifting. We kept them playful, in the spirit of the campaign, but used them as an opportunity to explain details like prize structure and game play.