Diabetics face recurring costs to manage their condition. A constant source of frustration is that prices for their testing supplies are often an uncertainty. They want simple and affordable solutions.

Mortenson Kim + Raidious developed an integrated marketing campaign to explain the benefits of the SimplePay program to a national audience of people with diabetes.

The integrated campaign translated to record-breaking success at retail and surpassed annual projections in just under two months.


We created a national TV spot to showcase how the Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay program can reduce the cost and complexity of purchasing test strips.


In an effort to drive frequency in the market, MK+R developed a :30s radio spot and ramped up media placements in key geographies.


Mortenson Kim + Raidious developed a digital banner ad strategy that optimized placements and retargeted prospects to grow the number of program participants.


To help improve conversion rates for website visitors responding to SimplePay ads, it was critical to ensure people understood the details of the program. Mortenson Kim + Raidious created a simple “How it Works” video to explain the steps necessary to participate in the program.


All campaign traffic pointed to a custom landing page created by Mortenson Kim + Raidious to explain the SimplePay program benefits and drive web sign-ups.

Digital Landing pagg for ACCU-CHEK - Roche Diabetes Care
ACCU-CHEK Simplepay Savings - Roche Diabetes Care


An email strategy was built to tout the program benefits of the SimplePay program, allowing current Accu-Chek users to print, email, or download their SimplePay savings card to receive everyday low pricing on their test strips.

To ensure campaign effectiveness, MK+R initiated and managed several research components related to this campaign. A brand tracker study was also launched noting positive growth in brand awareness, familiarity and propensity to switch from a competitive product.