Born and raised in Indiana, Kevin attended Purdue University, where he studied organizational leadership. He was a big fan of staying in his comfort zone. So, after graduation, he naturally dropped everything, moved to San Francisco and studied copywriting at Miami Ad School.

The program surrounded him with some of the best talent in the industry – and taught him what it takes to be a true creative. It also allowed him to gain recognition from national entities like The Drum, D&AD, and Ads of the World.

He is excited to return to his Midwest roots – armed with some perspective, some experience, and some West Coast chill – and help MK+R clients move their brands forward.

Did you Know?

His love of Will Ferrell movies is very real. So real, he forced his mom to rent an elf costume for him to wear to school in the 5th grade.He has one son named Dominique. His son has four legs and a tail. His son is half Pomeranian, half Husky.Kevin’s birthmark is a bald spot on his head that has expanded throughout his life. Kevin still thinks something went down in the delivery room.