Jacqueline Janz believes strong relationships and active listening are the foundation of skillful communications. And Jackie knows a thing or two about communicating. She has twenty years’ experience handling media relations, strategic public relations, internal and external communications, and crisis management for nonprofit and for-profit companies alike, along with city and county programs.

Jackie spends time outside the office teaching stress relief through mindfulness, and believes that taking a deep breath can help any intense situation. In this line of work, she finds herself taking a lot of deep breaths.

Did you Know?

Her almost completely black cat, Motor, loves to perch on Jackie’s shoulders.She’s climbed to Machu Picchu, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, and walked on the clay earth in Olduvai Gorge. She has even spent ten days in silent meditation.Jackie has seen some of Australia’s most unique creatures, like the nocturnal Hercules Moth, with a 12-inch wing span, and the Cassowary, an enormous, shy, flightless bird with an oddly blue face.