Gretchen keeps things humming in the Milwaukee office. With 15 years experience as an office manager and administrative assistant, maintaining a high level of efficiency and communication within the agency is her specialty. A self-proclaimed “organizing nut,” she enjoys putting the office environment into a state of harmony on a daily basis.

When not bringing order to life at Mortenson Kim + Raidious, Gretchen dabbles in acrylic painting, meditation, jogging, and has a howling good time playing board games with friends.

Did you Know?

She created her own time zone, Gretchen Mean Time, or GMT. World commissions are considering making it the standard everywhere.She admits to being a dog park crasher. She goes to dog parks, plays with the dogs, and when people ask which dog is hers, she has to awkwardly confess that she doesn’t have one.She survived a full-on moose attack while vacationing in Alaska.