Breah brings a diverse set of skills to her client service role at Mortenson Kim + Raidious, including investment banking, law, and corporate strategy. Her educational background includes a business degree from the University of Wisconsin, a law degree from Harvard, and a year studying diplomacy at Oxford University. While she balances her time at the office between account service, strategic development, and contract law, her favorite part of the business is helping clients exceed their business goals.

When not in the office, Breah can be found competing on her performance horses or running the occasional marathon.

Did you Know?

She’s ridden a dinosaur. Well, half-dinosaur/half-horse, but really, it counts.She ran a half marathon on a broken foot. Not a full marathon; that would have been crazy.She’s smooched two actual Super Bowl winners. Which means she’s indirectly kissed the Lombardi Trophy – twice.