Bob is known as a perceptive business and account leader with a bias for action, as well as a fondness for big, big charts that make a useful display of the right data at the right time. He has training in classical UK-style account planning, a.k.a. creative research, as well as experience directing and supporting large-scale marketing enterprises, and has served in marketing and management roles on the client side of the desk. His track record includes experience with innovative marketers such as Kimberly-Clark, McDonald’s, Meijer, Penzeys Spices, Snap-on Tools, and Walmart.

Did you Know?

Bob traced his DNA and discovered that his ancestors developed the world’s first billboards. His haplogroup is the Cave Painters.Favorite funtivities include spending time with family and friends, distance cycling, half marathons, and hiking in Colorado.One time Bob unexpectedly found himself dancing at the wedding reception of Christina Onassis at Maxim’s in Paris.