Branch Poster

Branches are the revenue-generating engine of the QPS machine. To forge an emotional connection with job applicants, MK developed posters, signage and video assets that reinforce the fundamental dignity of work.

print ads

With more than a quarter billion dollars in revenue, QPS Employment Group is one of the nation’s largest staffing services, and holds a dominant position in the Midwest. Working in close collaboration with senior leadership, as well as front-line employees at every level, MK developed a comprehensive brand platform and cohesive visual identity for QPS that’s now being leveraged throughout their network of local branches.


sell sheets

MK simplified, redesigned and rewrote QPS sales materials, and repackaged them as a unified, high-impact business tool.

brand video

MK’s team of brand strategists took QPS through an in-depth process of discovery and development to uncover a simple — but impactful — core truth: QPS Works.

We then brought this insight to life in the form of a detailed brand book and an engaging brand video.