As Mortenson Kim’s Digital Developer, Chris has a strong ability to design attractive, yet functional content. Building ads, electronic newsletters, or websites, he handles a variety of projects with the same energy and finesse. Maybe this comes from his ambition for game development, where he discovered a world of challenge and intrigue in web development. Having developed small video games, apps for Android and iOS, and websites, Chris is a flexible thinker with an appetite for unique problems.

Chris spends his time outside the office tearing up the dance floor anywhere Salsa and Bachata are played - or looking for food.

Did you Know?

When the waiter comes to the table, Chris always has food in his mouth.He has danced with world-renowned Salsa and Bachata dancers, including Tanja "La Alemana" Kensinger and Desiree Guidonet.Chris continued playing Pokemon Go after it stopped being cool and admits it.